Live Music Gig | The Toilers

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Recently I’ve come across a band that I’ve fallen in love. They go by the name of The Toilers; a London based three piece rock and blues band who I first saw in North London bar, The Finsbury in April. I was initially drawn to the charismatic frontman, the drummers curly hair (which has a life of it’s own and the bass player who looks distinctly like Charles Manson. Not to mention their sound of course, which seems to have influences of Led Zepplin, The Doors and a tapas amount of The Black Keys. I was hooked.

After checking them out on their Facebook page and Soundcloud it became apparent that they’ve recently been recording in the famous Maide Vale studios and were playing live in East London. I had to see them again. They played a five song set in a bar I simply cannot remember the name of. The harmonica was whipped out at one point, providing a healthy dollop of dirty blues, the frontman playfully asking after each song if the crowd can get ‘dirtier’ before quickly kicking into another ZZ Top style riff on his guitar. We got filthy. My toe tapping quickly turned into hip shaking, head nodding, full on dancing and the whole crowd were going for it.

But don’t just take my word for it, here’s my favourite song they performed, Driftin’. To me, it’s very much a song for the summer so crack open that Pimms and enjoy.