Nike Zoom Agility Fit Launch

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Last night I was invited to the launch of Nike Zoom Fit Agility trainers and what better way to celebrate the birth of a brand new show, than working out in them straight away eh?  I changed into a kit that exactly match my trainers (always a plus) before doing a gruelling but fun workout with Anya of Barry’s Bootcamp. If you haven’t tried Barry’s before you really must. You work up a proper sweat and feel fantastic afterwards.

The new Nike Zoom trainers are specifically designed for gym workouts and the bumpy hexagon bits on the sole are called ‘zoom pads’ to help cushion your feet. I personally have flat feet so always need an extra bit of support in all of my workout trainers and these bright numbers are perfect for my hooves. Colour wise, I personally love neon but if you’re not so keen on your feet looking like highlighter pens then they also come in blackpink and turquoise too.

Enjoy jumping, squatting and lunging with feet that glow.