Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon

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I ran my socks off yesterday at London’s Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon. The 13.1 mile route took me through Green and St Jame’s Park, past the Houses of parliament and the London Eye, through Ardmiralty Arch, past Trafalgar Square, around Hyde Park, past Kensington Gardens and the Royal Albert Hall and all the way to the finish line near Knightsbridge. I mean, it was like being on a mass and very active London Tour. It was beautiful.

I ran for Tommy’s Charity, which supports families with pregnancy complications and I can honestly say that 1 hour 37 minutes of me pretending to be Forrest Gump left me feeling exhausted but really happy. I was so proud of myself and the 16000 people who took part for great causes. The crowd support was overwhelmingly brilliant, to the point that  I actually welled up. It was a really touching experience.

My highlights include;

- running past Ellie Goulding, Jo Whiley, Katie Piper, Buckingham Palace and the Big Ben. All beauties;

- the VIP tent buffet where there was a mountain of cheese and crackers, chocolate brownies and an endless supply of tea and coffee;

- and finally the finish line porta loos. I thought I was going to do a Paula Radcliffe at several (awful) points so at the finish line I dived right in there. I’ve never been so happy to see a bog! Too much information?! Too late.

Needless to say I was shattered at the end.