Working out with Ellie Goulding

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I attended the exclusive launch of Ellie Goulding’s brand new Nike+ Training Club app at London’s Tobacco Dock a couple of weeks back. The evening commenced with Ellie Goulding serenading us with five of her hot singles including her recent UK chart topper, Love Me Like You Do. In between tracks she spoke to us of her shyness, her love for Bjork and confessed that she always forgets the words to her own songs (as she revealed her book of lyrics). She didn’t tell us however, that she was going to do a costume change from pop star glam to Lycra gym wear (to be fair she still looked glam) in order to lead us in a 40 minute full body workout. We soon found out.

Yes you heard me, just when I was getting comfortable Ellie Goulding and her personal trainer whipped us into shape by leading a sweat-inducing workout which really did leave me feeling starry eyed. It was sort of surreal working out with a pop star, especially as she’d just sang to us. I mean talk about a sweaty serenade. I can vouch for the fact that Ellie Goulding is one pop princess who isn’t afraid of a few burpees but the fact that I was working out with a bunch of strong, focused women right ahead of International Women’s Day made those squat jumps extra special. Us ladies were showing our strength in side planks.

The circuit we did is written below. We basically did six exercises for 60 seconds each before recovering (in my case, panting) for 1 minute before repeating the whole thing three-four times times in total. Give it a whirl!

1. Running on the spot (60 seconds)

2. Seated scissor kicks (60 seconds)

3. Burpees (60 seconds)

4. Pike push-ups (60 seconds)

5. Alternating scissor squats (6 seconds)

6. Side plank with leg lifts (60 seconds)

Alternatively you can download the user friendly app by clicking here to see Ellie Goulding demonstrate each exercise herself. The app can connect with your music so you and even gives you words of encouragement. It’ll be like you’re working out with her too!