Jaloff Rice & Chicken

I was born and raised in Blackburn Lancashire to two Nigeria parents meaning that I have always had the lifelong pleasures of experiencing African cuisine. This dish is one of my favourites; jollof rice and chicken. 

Made with rice, tomatoes and any number of variable meats, spices, stock and vegetables, Jollof rice is a hugely popular dish within many West African countries, especially Ghana and Nigeria. 

Every country has its own version of how it should be served and at home, my mum has always served it with different things, from salad to fried plantain with black eyed beans. On this particular day we ate it with chargrilled chicken, sausages and spicy tomato sauce.

Whether you add okra, plantain or fish comes down to personal (and sometimes regional) preferences, but all varieties have one thing in common – they're delicious.

Have you ever tried jollof rice? How do you eat yours?