London Winter Run featuring Selfie Stick

Yesterday, I took part in the London Winter Run along with 15,000 others. It was a stunning 10K route that took us past some of London’s most iconic landmarks including the London Eye, The Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral and back round to Westminster. After warming up and dropping my bag off at the closest Fitness First gym, my friend and I walked over to the start line on Victoria Embankment. That short walk to the start line made me feel as though I’d immediately cooled down and I was beginning to question why on earth I was up on a Sunday morning freezing my fingers off. I soon snapped out of it and remembered that I was conquering the cold weather in aid of Cancer Research.

I knew I wanted to capture as much of the amazing atmosphere as possible, taking in all aspects of the winter themed routes with areas being dubbed as ‘snow zones’, ‘ice caves’ and even polar bear hugs at the finish line and so of course I took my selfie stick and filmed the whole thing on my GoPro. I looked like Inspector Gadget as I weaved in and out of people with my extended arm and as silly as I looked, I was delighted that my selfie stick seemed to put a smile on peoples faces. It certainly distracted me. Instead of thinking about how much further I had to run I was concentrating on “getting the right camera angles” and all the sign posts “in shot”. I mean…I’ve got 10 kilometres worth of selfies!

It was exceptionally good fun with the route being picturesque, fairly flat and the streets filled with thousands of people all heading for the same destination, raising money for the same cause. It really was quite moving. Those who didn’t run cheered and I got to finish the race with my best friend Chris and my selfie stick. Sadly, the race organisers don’t give medals to selfie sticks but if they did, it would have been GoPro gold.

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