Live For What You Love with SNOG Frozen Yogurt

I'm all about following a passion and so are SNOG Frozen Yogurt. Aside from being passionate about making tasty frozen yoghurt, they're all about living for what you love.

#SnogYourHeartOut AJ Odudu

I've been fortunate enough to team up with SNOG and a whole bunch of creatives for the official launch of their frozen yoghurt pots to enjoy at home, in a campaign called #SnogYourHeartOut. 

#SnogYourHeartOut AJ Odudu

When shooting the campaign video earlier this summer, I got to hang out with my super talented jewellery designer friend, Cat Meffan and together, we shared our dressing room with Daisy Lowe before entering a giant, pink room where I personally demonstrated some of my favourite workout moves, spun some tunes on vinyl and sported my most colourful fitness wear. I was was also treated to a post video-shoot SNOG frozen yoghurt of course. Wonderful!

Now that the full video is ready for viewing pleasure, I realise just how many other talented people were involved in the campaign. Each person is completely different. From me, the TV host who adores all things fitness, to the majorettes, hula-hooping their way through life! 

#SnogYourHeartOut AJ Odudu

Tattooists, dancers,  professional doodlers and even those that create art on banana's (true story) are also featured, highlighting the fact that this campaign really is a celebration of what makes each and every one of us unique.

#SnogYourHeartOut AJ Odudu

Check out the full video here, I'm hoping it'll put a massive smile on your face. The track in the video is pretty awesome so turn it up!

Here's to smiling in the mirror, pursuing our passions and embracing the imperfections that make us special, facing new challenges as we go because that's what life's about.

Happy Monday!



*This post is in collaboration with Snog Frozen Yogurt to promote their new frozen yogurt pots now available in most leading UK supermarkets in three flavours: Strawberry & Raspberry, Passion Fruit and Original, for you to enjoy at home. #ad