Sports Relief 2014

TheI headed to a Reebok Fithub to help raise money for Sports Relief by running on a treadmill for an hour, with members of the public cheering me on and watching me sweat. It was particularly challenging as I did this almost immediately after running 10K in the mud at Bordon Heath but it was wonderful to be taking part for such a great cause and help raise £24,000. There’s still time to donate! Visit their website for details. following day I ran six miles for the same charity, Sport Relief. I was so excited. I love a run and doing it for a great cause made it all the better. There’s something about running in front of a crowd that makes you go that little bit faster (six miles in 40 mins athanku) and for memorabilia purposes I took a pre-race selfie with my pals Rylan Clarke and Clara Amfo with Louis Spence, singer Tich and Blue Peter presenter Lindsey Russell. I felt rough but there’s simply nothing a picture taken at arm’s length in direct sunlight with a 1970s Instagram filter can’t fix (I hope).

Post race I peddled for milkshake, showed off my medal at the Sainsbury’s Fair Trade pancake stand and for reasons that are yet to be made clear to me, I even became an air hostess. As with all of these things, the crowds were the heroes of the day cheering everyone along and giving generously. I saw people running in bumble bee and banana outfits which kept me well and truly amused. Naturally.