Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony

It's been four years since London hosted the 2012 Olympic Games and how awesome was that?! The Spice Girls performed whilst riding around on top of black cabs, there were hundreds of hospital beds being pushed around by NHS staff and Emeli Sande wowed everyone.

Sir Paul McCartney graced the stage, J.K Rowling read an extract from Peter Pan and the actual Queen appeared in a scene with James Bond! Not to forget the passing of the torch between David Beckham and Sir Steve Redgrave plus, the athletes parade.  Our Opening Ceremony was absolutely bonkers but undoubtedly brilliant.

Olympic Park London

Practically, London transport links improved, run down areas were given a make over and generally, people in London seemed happy and carefree. To top it all off, Team GB had their most successful Olympics since 1908, receiving a whopping sixty-five medals. *Go us!*


Today, the feeling in Britain is still one of pride which is why this year, there are eleven Olympic Fanzones across the UK, where you can watch the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in a fun and atmospheric environment for free. One of the Fanzones is of course the Olympic Park in London, where I was the official host for Team GB Facebook Live, to celebrate the launch of these areas and the start of Rio 2016.

Fanzone Olympic Park London

Rio showcased a great opening ceremony with scenes of dance and expression throughout, so I'm really excited to not only get behind Team GB but also, to support the Rio Olympics as a whole.

You can show your support too and find your nearest Fanzone by clicking here, remembering to keep an eye on my Twitter and Instagram for daily updates. So without further ado, let the games begin.



Denise Lewis & AJ Odudu