All About That Bass

Good Day At Work Chatting To Meghan Trainor

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Chart topping, Grammy Award nominated, All About That Bass singer, Meghan Trainor thinks that my face is symmetrical. How do I know? Because she told me so when we met at the Mondrian London for a chat this week.

I was interviewing her for a music entertainment TV show on ITV2 called The Hot Desk and Trainor revealed all about what it’s like to be a global superstar, her favourite song and working with Harry Styles. She was genuinely lovely, and also completely bonkers (which I love) as she names the “good and bad” sides of her face. (FYI, her good side is called Jessica and her bad is Cassandra). I don’t know what she’s harping on about though, both sides of her face look good to me. Tune into ITV2 this Sunday at 11:20am to find out everything else we chatted about and of course, that Bass. 

The full interview can now be seen here. Press play!

Hope you enjoyed it?

Lots of love