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The Beginners Guide To Aerial Yoga

Anti-Gravity or Aerial Yoga uses silk hammocks to support your body and suspend you in mid air allowing you to do challenging stretches you’ve never done before.  It’s like being a trapeze artist without the threat of plummeting to your death in front of a large crowd of people, which is good with me. 

Dancer Pose Yoga

I absolutely loved my first Aerial Yoga class at The London Dance Academy and so thought I’d share my 4-step guide to aerial yoga for beginners. Get ready to fly!

STEP 1. Don’t Eat Or Drink Within 2 Hours Before Class 

In class you’ll be twisting, turning, hanging upside down, swinging and literally spreading your legs. Avoid feeling queasy by taking it easy on the food before class.

Standing Splits Aerial Yoga

STEP 2. Sit Back

Postures that look like they’re not of great benefit are doing more than you think. My favourite one was the chair pose which is said to help relieve lower back pain and improve posture.

Chair Pose Aerial Yoga

 STEP 3. Try Every Posture

It’s easy to look at certain demonstrations and doubt that you’d be able to do it but you shouldn’t feel intimidated. Moves that look intricate to begin with are quite often the postures that you find yourself in seconds later as the teacher takes you through them step-by-step. There’s a lot of room for progression and poses that you find difficult on the floor become much easier in the hammock. I mean just check out my upside down dancer pose; I couldn’t do this on the floor!

Aerial Yoga Pose

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Let Go

There were certainly times in class that I strongly doubted that the harness was going to be able to carry my 10.5 stones of body weight and instead rip the ceiling down.  I like to take the roof off when DJing but when it’s your body mass that’s responsible it’s just embarrassing.  Thankfully, the harness is designed to hold up to 2000lbs in weight which is the equivalent to 10 baby elephants, though holding any more than 4 elephants at a time means the range of positions they can do is extremely limited. So as the Frozen princess sings: Let It Go!

Anti-gravity yoga

So there you have it. A class great for your body, mind and Instagram feed. Happy Swinging. 


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Yoga Matt by Primark

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