Together We Ride | The Pack

I've always been a big fan of team work so naturally, I was excited to captain a team in a new spin class at Virgin Active Active called The Pack.

The Pack is a group cycling class where three teams go head to head in a series of high-intensity challenges which are played out on an interactive screen at the front of a studio. 

Group Exercise

As a team leader I curated the playlist and encouraged my team to power through which I thoroughly enjoyed but for those that have never heard of this class before, here are three things you need to know before checking in.

1. You can come to the class alone

There's no need to worry if you can't encourage your mates to get sweaty with you as you'll be entered into a team upon arrival. If you do manage to gather a Spin squad however, you can actually book the class as a team. I was the leader of the Music team, made up of DJ's, radio presenters and music bloggers (I'm aware we look like the Smurfs).

The Pack Virgin Active

John, founder of The Everyday Man, was the leader of the Tech team. What a ray of sunshine.

Adrienne lead the pink team (made up of mums and fit bloggers) into victory. Well done ladies! I'm not bitter whatsoever, although I do feel that my team were robbed during the Hold The Line, game. (Oh yes, in this class you realise just how competitive you actually are).

Adrienne TMM

2. You don't have to dress the same 

Although I always welcome a uniform...clearly :)

Danielle Peazer + Ashley James + Pips Taylor

3. You'll walk out fitter

After peddling your socks off for 60 minutes, you'll improve your cardiovascular strength, sculpt and tone your body, burn calories and feel good enough to show off your post-workout sweat patches.

AJ Odudu + Adrienne TMM
  • Free class alert

Try The Pack class for free and let me know what you think. I've no doubt you'll have heaps of fun too.



This blog post was brought to you in collaboration with Virgin Active. #TogetherWeRide