Gym Accessories

TRX Workout

TRX/Suspension straps are my new favourite fitness accessory. Suitable to use indoors and outdoors, light enough to pop into your hand bag, suspension training is a great way to add variety and extra resistance to your workouts.

The straps allow you to use your entire body in a series of cardiovascular and resistance based workouts and are way more cost effective than a gym membership. I filmed a video on my YouTube channel to show my favourite full body TRX workout so that you can see and try for yourself.

Get strong, lean, firm abs and full body with three super simple TRX exercises. Designed for all fitness levels, these exercises provide the perfect punch of strength training for your entire body. 

Perform each exercise 10 times, resting for 30 seconds while you transition to the next movement. When you finish all three exercises, run through the sequence two more times for a 10 minute full body workout.