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Jaloff Rice & Chicken

I was born and raised in Blackburn Lancashire to two Nigeria parents meaning that I have always had the lifelong pleasures of experiencing African cuisine. This dish is one of my favourites; jollof rice and chicken. 

Made with rice, tomatoes and any number of variable meats, spices, stock and vegetables, Jollof rice is a hugely popular dish within many West African countries, especially Ghana and Nigeria. 

Every country has its own version of how it should be served and at home, my mum has always served it with different things, from salad to fried plantain with black eyed beans. On this particular day we ate it with chargrilled chicken, sausages and spicy tomato sauce.

Whether you add okra, plantain or fish comes down to personal (and sometimes regional) preferences, but all varieties have one thing in common – they're delicious.

Have you ever tried jollof rice? How do you eat yours?



Baked Eggs In Avocado With Bacon

Joe Wicks is an online nutrition coach and I follow him on Instagram for two reasons. 1. He's hilarious 2. His 15 minute meals.

Basically, he creates a range of healthy meals that take no longer than 15 minutes to make and condenses it into a 15 second video Instagram post. This is a recipe I pinched from his Instagram @TheBodyCoach; baked eggs in avocado with bacon.

Pre & post workout breakfast

Easy to make this is the perfect post workout meal or healthy breakfast/brunch, oozing with flavour, good fats and loads of protein and what's more, it's super easy to make.

The Body Coach Receipe

I simply sliced my avocados in half, deseeded them and flattened the bottoms before cracking the eggs into the hollows where the seeds were, bunging it into the over for about 5 minutes whilst grilling a couple of slices of bacon and preparing my salad at the same time.

Baked eggs in avocado

My eggs were a little on the large side leading to an egg white spillage into my baking dish and in hindsight, it would have been much easier to eat had I scooped the avocados out of it's skin before baking but nevertheless it tasted and looked fantastic!

Healthy Brunch

I scoffed it with brown toast, cucumber, tomatoes, fresh coriander and spinach and made enough for two! 

Healthy Breakfast

I shared the post on my Instagram @AJOdudu, got the thumbs up from TheBodyCoach himself and even TV chef Lorraine Pascale suggested her own take on the meal, which I'll definitely be trying.

TheBodyCoach & Lorraine Pacale

Check out my Youtube video where I show you exactly how I made it.

It was filling and delicious so definitely give it a try and let me know what you think.

Loads of love, AJ


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