Queen's Club London

Tennis Coaching at AEGON Championships with Greg Rusedski

Hot off the heels from playing tennis with Judy Murray I played some more tennis at Queens Club, London as part of an exclusive tennis masterclass during the AEGON Championships. I was invited by the world's number 1 tennis sponsor, BNP Paribas and put through my paces by one of the leading LTA-accredited coaches, Jon Pankhurst.

During the session I learnt how to serve, volley and groundstroke and despite the fact that I am a still a complete amateur, I thoroughly enjoyed my masterclass.

Playing at the famous Queen's Club was a great opportunity for me to get a unique view into the life of top level tennis and I took my skills learnt on the tennis court to a miniature court of it's own; the table.

Yep, I played table tennis with Greg Rusedski which was an unexpected yet pleasant surprise. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever imagine myself playing table tennis in front of a crowd at Queen's Club in London, yet there I was, volleying with former world number 4 tennis star, Greg Rusedski. 

The fact that I WON our table tennis match was certainly a "pinch me" moment. I like to think it was pure talent and determination that crowned me victorious during the match but in fact, it was more likely to be the wonky sunglasses sat on top of my head that distracted poor Rusedski. That said, a win's a win. Yippee!

Lots of victorious love, AJ


AJ  Odudu Queens Club.JPG