Spin Class

Victoria Pendleton Is My New Personal Trainer

Olympic, European and Commonwealth champion Victoria Pendleton is my new personal trainer?! Yeah right! (But I wish she was).

Today I attended Fitness First gym in honour of their brand relaunch, taking part in an exclusive spin class hosted by Victoria Pendleton. Now apparently, statistics show that today is the most depressing day of the year but there was no such sign of any Monday blues at this event (nonsensically named, “Red Monday”). I’ve honestly never been so happy to jump out of bed at 6am. I was seated right next to Victoria so it's official, I have trained with an Olympian. *Smug*.

Forty minutes of continuous cycling caused quite a sweat but nevertheless, Victoria and I exchanged great words like “URGH! I’m shattered already” (OK well that was more me than her),  we laughed together and we even celebrated with a sloppy high five at the end of the class! I’ve definitely got the wheels in motion for us to become BFFs right? In all seriousness though, Victoria actually said I had (and I quote) “really good technique and consistent speed” so someone please get on the phone to Team GB because they have bagged themselves a new AJ shaped recruit. Pass me a gold medal (for effort at least).