L'Oreal True Match Foundation For Dark Skin

I never would have thought growing up in Blackburn, failing to ever find foundation that matched the colour of my skin, that I would one day be sharing my makeup story with the world in a L'Oreal campaign. OMG!

#YoursTruly campaign speaks to me and millions of other women who thought that make up wasn't created for us. Well guess what; it is. Here's my story:

With 23 new shades of True Match foundation available in Boots and Superdrug, this campaign is certainly a step forward for the inclusivity of people with dark and pale skin to be able to find their shade on the high street. I really hope that you see yourself represented by me or one of the other 22 faces on the palette. My shade is 10.C.

L'Oreal True Match 23 New Shades

Everyone featured in this campaign has their story to tell but make sure you share yours too so that L'Oreal can continue to celebrate and embrace diversity by creating even more shades in the future because I honestly believe that we are all worth it.

L'Oreal #YoursTruly AJ Odudu


#YoursTruly #TrueMatch