Tatler’s Little Black Book Party

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Last week I attended Tatler’s Little Black Book launch party at Home House, London. I went with my friend and fellow TV presenter, Arielle Free. Arielle (a bit like me) is completely off her rocker so as well as good food, drinks and amazing music, there was also lots of laughs. We were equally amused that on one of the walls in the main rooms is a giant photograph of Dr Dre amply positioned in between President Obama and Bill Clinton. We also saw Ricky from Eastenders looking rather dapper with even better looking mates. Did we bellow out “Ricky!” in a Bianca-esk manner to the man that is not actually called Ricky in real life?! Of course we did! We’re classy like that and I had a shiny skirt on to prove it. I also wore a a red Indian costume headdress at one point whilst Arielle had a traffic cone on her head. Arh launch parties, how fun you are.