Run San Francisco

Last month I flew across the pond with adidas and touched down 8 hours behind in San Francisco. The Jetlag hit me hard.  So hard that at one point I thought I was in Chicago. I also thought the The Golden Gate Bridge was called The Red Gate Bridge. I still think my name is better but apparently it’s too late to change it.

Still, in my confused and delirious state I met some incredibly charming people, bore witness to some beautiful scenes and adopted a brand new Instagram husband.

Boyfriends Of Instagram

Here’s my trip to San Francisco with adidas in bite-size form.

After checking into The Clift Hotel (very nice but no in-room kettle- sacrilege!) I was presented with adidas Ultra Boost X trainers and took them for trail runs from Lands End to Ocean Beach;

Ocean Beach San Francisco

on a track session around Kazer Stadium;

Kazer Stadium San Francisco USA

up the steep hill of Filbert St and down one of the most iconic streets in San Fran, Lombard St. 

Lombard Street San Francisco USA
Crossroad San Francisco

in a huge warehouse on treadmills;

Treadmill adidas Ultra Boost X

and eventually reaching the top of Bernal Heights Summit before taking on our greatest run, across The Red Gate- sorry, Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

All the outdoor runs were at jogging pace, in wet and foggy conditions but with the most scenic views and certainly landmarks to visit on a short trip, easy to get to by car if running everywhere isn't your thing.

I ate breakfast and dinner at Clift hotel which was nice and on my final day we had 2 hours to squeeze in some sight seeing, out of our running kit. Here’s some San Fran experiences I can thoroughly recommend:

1. Be A Shameless Tourist

When I’m in a foreign country I take pleasure in the simplest things. My friend Adrienne swooned as she spoke to an American Police Officer, aka a cop, and I was made up by the sight of a bright yellow school bus, half expected to see Bart Simpson in the window.

The Simpsons

2. Get On A Tram

From Grand Union Square we took an old tram all the way to Fisherman’s Wharf. The hills in San Fran are so steep that at times it feels as though you’re on a roller coaster and you can even hang your feet off the edge for a more thrilling experience. *Scream if you wanna go faster*.


3. Buy Some Tat!

You’ve been there. Done that. Got the $10 fridge magnet to prove it.

San Fran Souvenir

4. Connect with people

Experience's are better when shared and although I went on a trip with friends I know back home, I had the pleasure of meeting my girl crush Hannah Andersson, reconnected with Sophietta and Julia who I once met in Paris and talked DS lips with Hannah Bronfman (Google it).

Hannah Bronfman

Have you been to San Francisco? What did I miss?


Girl Gang
Julia and Sophietta
Bernal Heights San Fran
adidas Pure Boost X
Clift Hotel View

Active Escape In Majorca

This is a throwback to an active escape in Alcudia Pueblo, Majorca in June. Alcudia is Majorca's old town, about one hour from Palma airport by coach which has loads of nice bars and restaurants and is pretty quiet at night.

Alcudia Pueblo AJ Odudu

From the old town we cycled and then trekked to an abandoned beach called, Coll Baix, spent a full day at Port D'Alcudia Beach playing beach ball games and went cave diving, snorkling and kayaking in Mal Pas beach.


All activities, food and accommodation was fairly low cost so all in all, a very happy holiday. Press play to see some of the action for yourself.


Lisa Maree & H&M Swimwear

Need last minute swimwear for a spontaneous sunny getaway? I have got you covered.

Lisa Maree Swimwear SUMMER

This cream Lisa Maree swimsuit is knitted which feels pretty odd to begin with but you soon get used to it. I didn't dare get into the water with it on, afraid it would lose it's shape, so instead I wore it with a high wasted maxi skirt and by the pool. 

Lisa Maree Swimwear AJ Odudu

Maybe it is good for swimming too but I certainly wasn't going to risk it on my trip to Ibiza, especially as I love the design so much. 

Lisa Maree Swimwear

The red halter neck is from H&M, true to size and in the colour red, making me ready and confident enough for a Special K advert :) 

H&M Swimwear AJ Odudu
H&M Swimwear AJ Odudu

I've showed off both pieces on my YouTube channel in a swimwear look book,

And if you fancy a quick workout before or during your holiday then check this out.

.Happy holidays!


How I Want To Live My Life Every Day: With Paloma Faith

On today’s to do list: Dine at The Savoy; enjoy an exclusive performance by Paloma Faith and watch a fashion show. That’s not my regular itinerary on a Tuesday afternoon in London but when I was invited to F&F Autumn/Winter catwalk show, I totally embraced this impromptu checklist.

Dressed in a grey maxi dress and flat shoes I casually walked to meet my friend Mollie Bylett at Embankment station. For all you punctual time keepers out there, I was on time. Mollie on the other hand, was late to meet me but she was quickly forgiven. The sun was shining and she was smiling. How could I be mad? Plus, she looked beyond hot to trot to The Savoy Hotel in her playsuit and flat shoes. So off we went.

On route we passed some paparazzi (I kid you not) who started to take photo’s of me whilst crossing the road, with the beautiful backdrop of London traffic and scaffolding. Mollie seized this perfect opportunity to change from her flats shoes to heels and so, by the time the pap had dispersed and we were now outside The Savoy, Mollie had grown taller by a good four inches. Impressive.

Now, walking into The Savoy is like walking into an art gallery. Grand entrance, marble floors, and everyone feeling the need to talk quietly. I really struggle with whispering so to combat this I proceeded to not talk at all for the two minute walk from the main entrance to the Savoy Ballroom, where the fashion show was being held. Needless to say that for a chatterbox like me, my silence made it a long two minutes.

At this point I’d like to inform you that I had successfully avoided chocolate and the odd glass of alcohol for all of three days (pat on the back to me) but my healthy eating regime immediately went out of the window when I was kindly presented with a glass of champagne upon entrance and seated at a table which had dark chocolate macaroons perfectly within my reach. Damn it! I’d failed to resist temptation. For the record, the apricot macaroons, blueberry tarts, smoked salmon, lamb kebabs, red pepper hummus and halloumi and smoked pepper sandwiches tasted exceptional too. Eating over, the lights were dimmed and everyone in the room hushed down. Even me.

Forever the charismatic performer, Paloma Faith burst on to stage clapping and singing her current single, Can't Rely On You and with her beacon of orange hair and bright outfit, Paloma looked and sounded incredible. Intimate gigs are always really special as I often feel like I'm being serenaded, even though I'm not. Paloma went on to sing Only Love Can Hurt Like This, a song which I watched her perform at the Brit Awards earlier this year, immediately after she'd won one. She was perfect and made me fall in love with her a little bit more. Round of applause.

Then, it was time for the F&F fashion show and all necks stretched to see what F&F had in store for our Autumn/Winter wardrobes. Well, I can tell you that for the ladies, there’s going to be lots of cute 1970’s signature styles with tailored culottes, knitted role necks and my favourite piece, the suede trench. Then out came the men, sporting tailored suits and the sort of wool knits that you’d definitely steal from your boyfriend’s wardrobe.

Speaking of friends who are boys, I saw my friend Franky modelling the collection. I don’t know why I was so surprised. After all, he does model for a living but I didn’t know that he was going to be flaunting the new F&F menswear range so of course, being the really subtle person that I am, I yelped, “oh my gosh. that’s my mate” and like a proud parent, proceeded to take very blurry images of him. Awww.

All in all I had a cracking time. Great music, retro F&F clothing and all whilst catching up with my mate Mollie. Every day should be like Tuesday.

F&F Collections are available to buy online at