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David Haye's Top Five Boxing Tips

Boxing is a great workout; perhaps the most challenging of all sports as it requires speed, agility, finesse, power, endurance and ultimate mental strength. Recently, I got to step inside the ring with heavy weight boxing champion, David Haye who gave me six top boxing tips for beginners before putting me through my paces. The golden tips are listed below. Read carefully or risk getting knocked out! :)

1. Drink coconut water: I personally dislike the taste but David Haye highly recommends it. Coconut water is high in potassium, is low in calories, is naturally fat and cholesterol free and is super hydrating.

2. Rub some Vaseline onto your bare knuckles: This is where your skin rubs off, even with gloves on. (Ouch!)

3. Stay focused: Boxing is not just about physical ability. Concentration is vital, whether you’re tired or not.

4. Curl your shoulders over and arch your back for protection: The boxing ring is no place for straight postures. 

5. Work out those legs: Power comes from the ground upwards. Your legs push off in order to generate power throughout your body and pack a punch. Who knew?!

So there you have it. Page one of the boxing Bible for beginners. Don’t forget to warm up and cool down of course. 

My First Mud Run

I rose at 6am a couple of weeks ago to take part in my first ever mudstacle, Brutal 10 in Bordan Heath. As the title of this event would suggest, the demand of this 10K run was incredibly tough. I was wading through deep swamps, crawling up steep hills, splashing my way through water and running on a variety of surfaces including gravel and sand. It felt like a never ending, energy sapping route at times and I was surprised at how much I fatigued within the first kilometre. I had battle wounds too. Blisters, scratches, bruises, the lot! But before you get the violins out, ask if I would do this or something similar again? 

Well yes I would. As bonkers as it sounds I surprisingly had loads of fun and documented my experience on my YouTube channel. The code of honour at this event was to help those around you (which came in handy when I was stuck in mud up to my chest and two men kindly came to my rescue and yanked me out) and I believe this to be the case at most mudstacles around the UK. 

It was a really great, fun challenge too. I mean seriously, how many times do we get to test our strength and endurance whilst imagining that we're Angelina Jolie in Tomb Radar? How many times do we get our brand new running trainers completely dirty without caring? I started the race smiling and I finished the race smiling whilst proving to myself that I'm stronger than I thought. Bring on the mud run!