5 Things You Must Do In Malta

I recently took a trip to Malta to check it out. I’d never been before and didn’t expect much, yet absolutely loved it. If you're fortunate enough to take a trip there, here are 5 things you must do in Malta.

AJ Odudu Malta

1. Visit Valletta

As the smallest capital city in Europe it’s easy to walk around within a few hours and is filled with quaint cafes and wine bars.

Velletta Malta

It’s like one big open air museum with interesting facts about architecture, art and history. It was my favourite place to visit in Malta because of;

A) The Upper Barrakka Gardens, which used to be private gardens for the Italian Knights until after WWII, when they were made public to us mere mortals. 

Upper Barrakka Gardens
                     The views from the Upper Barrakka Gardens are drop dead gorgeous

                     The views from the Upper Barrakka Gardens are drop dead gorgeous

B) Luzzu aka a traditional Maltese boat. I took a ride on one which I clearly thought was an absolute hoot!

Maltese Boat Trip
Luzzu Boat, Malta

C) St John's Co-Cathedral which was stunning. It doesn’t look too pretty from the outside but once you enter, the level of opulence and art is off the scale. It even has the only signed paintings from the artist, Caravaggio. Not bad eh?

St John's Co-Cathedral in Vellatta, Malta

2. Take a Boat Trip

There’s no better way to feel like a captain than by spending an entire day on a boat.

AJ Odudu Malta

The sea is also a great way to sight see. We sailed out to enjoy the crystalline waters of Malta, the Grand Harbour of Valletta and the Three Cities before dinning on board. My dinner date was the cutest dog in the world.

Buddy the Dog, Malta
Buddy The Dog

3. Visit Azure Window

Azure Window, Malta

Hop on a ferry from Malta to Gozo and if you dare, take a segway tour from Ta’ Pinu church to Dwejra. 

Ta'Pinu Church, Gozo
Segway Tour Malta

You'll enjoy views of the Inland Sea before stopping off at the Azure Window to swim and take pictures.

AJ Odudu Azure Window

4. Visit Mdina

If you’re a TV or film nerd, then the former capital city of Malta, Mdina is the place for you, as scenes from Game of Thrones have been shot there. It has narrow streets, is candle-lit in the evenings and the nickname of this Medieval town is The Silent City which is ironic as it was the opposite. In fact I ran around the city making as much racket as possible, at a very happy volume.

Mdina, Malta
Run in Mdina

5. Trek Around Kimono

Catch a boat and take a walk around Kimono island before swimming in the blue lagoon. The water and views are spectacular! 

Kimono, Malta
Trek in Malta, Kimono

Alternatively chill out with a cocktail on Golden Bay Beach because sometimes, lounging about is a perfectly acceptable activity, especially when you're on holiday. Safe travels! 


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