spring workout

How To Burn 1000 Calories

Spring has sprung. The sun is shining and many of my friends are starting to think about shedding those winter pounds in a healthy way. If you too are looking to trim down then one thing that I would highly recommend as part of your fitness regime is High Intensity Interval Training which is most commonly referred to as HIIT.

Essentially, HIIT involves short but intense exercise followed by brief bursts of recovery. It’s a sure fire way to burn fat, strengthen core muscles, boost metabolism and benefit your cardiovascular system. Plus, it’s the ideal form of training if you have a busy schedule. Genius!

Recently, I tried a class called HIIT1000, a programme headed up by personal trainer, Mark Lucas at Dolphin Fitness in Pimlico. I have tried many HIIT classes around London so what makes Lucas’s approach so different?  

Well for a start, each class has a maximum of four members to ensure the best personal attention. Mark also informed me that his HIIT1000 class involves longer periods of intensive activity, with shorter recovery times, at which point I let out a little yelp. Shorter breaks means less time for me to catch my breath!

That said, because the group was so small, Lucas came to personally encourage me (and every group member) to dig deep and complete each burst of intensive exercise to the best of our abilities. He had us doing assisted pull ups, in a corridor pushing weights, sprinting on the treadmill, rowing on machines, doing burpees...I mean if you want to shred and tone then this is for you and for me personally, the incorporation of different apparatus meant that I was engaged throughout the session with no sign of boredom.

So there you have it. HIIT1000 gets the thumbs up from me, but don’t just take my word for it, give it a go yourself by clicking here.

The programme takes place every Monday 9:30 am and Saturday 9:30 am. A trial session is £5, for a 5 pack of sessions £110, for a 10 pack £200 and a 20 pack £400 (the 20 pack includes a private 45 minute fitness and lifestyle assessment, pre and post body fat percentage testing and a bespoke nutrition plan based on your fitness goals.